At the University we have to think about what we can do every day to make it one of the best places to study, to receive attendance health care and to produce Science at the service of society.


Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero




To make the University of Navarra one of the best places to study, produce science and receive attendance healthcare. With this aim in mind, Horizon 2020 was born in 2015. A plan structured in 21 projects, divided into three areas, which respond to the DNA of the University: learning, internationalization and university responsibility.

Learning in a global environment is a great challenge, and a solid academic offering has been developed in response to the needs of today's society. This chapter highlights the start of the University's new headquarters in Madrid, where new programs are being offered Master's Degree. The innovativeteaching , through the collaborative work , the new teaching methodologies and a teaching focused on service are some of the projects that have made it possible to offer a quality teaching recognized in international rankings.

In the area of internationalization, the partnership agreements with other universities have been strengthened so that the international experience of national students and professors is enriched. In 2020, more than 27% of student body will come from countries other than Spain.

Thirdly, the University has endeavored to improve its commitment to its immediate environment and to society in general, through corporate social responsibility projects. Among students and professors, sensitivity to the environment and sustainability has been fostered. 

After five years of work in these strategic lines, the University of Navarra puts an end to this stage and presents the main results obtained in each area, thanks to the service and commitment of professionals, students, alumni and friends of the University.