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Josune Hernantes Apezetxea

Academic Center(s)
Industrial Organisation
School of Engineering (TECNUN) University of Navarra
Research lines
Resilience, Computer Science, Climate Change, Critical Infrastructures, Computing Technologies

- Two sections/sexennia of research evaluated by the CNEAI. - Director of Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence - Coordinator of the group of research "management of crisis and Resilience" from 01/01/2019 to present. - Participation in the development of two technical documents specifying tools and models that can be used to develop urban resilience. These documents have been approved and published by the committee European Committee for Standardization (CEN-European Committee for Standardization), being a previous step to be carried out before becoming standards. The documents provided make reference letter to the Information Portal and the model of Maturity developed in the project SMR (Smart Mature Resilience) financed in the European program H2020. These documents are an example of transfer of knowledge to the productive sector. - Member of the Commission of assessment of the Activity professor of the academic staff of the area of Architecture and Engineering in the academic year 2019/2020.