workshop Telling the story of terror


workshop Telling the terror
Stories in first person


 Tuesday, October 3rd 

10:00h. Inauguration.

10:30-11:30h. Conversation. The moral dimension of testimony

Manuel Reyes Mate, philosopher and specialist in report and Philosophy after Auschwitz 

Moderator: María Jiménez, professor of Fcomunav 

11:30h. Café

12:00-13:30h. roundtable. Making victims talk

Jesús J. Hernández, journalist of El Correo

Sara Buesa, psychologist and daughter of the socialist leader Fernando Buesa, assassinated by ETA.

Joseba Eceolaza, writer and author of "ETA. La report de los detalles"

Moderator: Beatriz Gómez, professor of Fcomunav

15:00h. roundtable. The look of the survivor

José Manuel Sánchez Riera, sole survivor of the attack against members of the CNI in Iraq.

Fátima Lianes, director of the series Los ocho de Irak ( Movistar +).

moderatorAlberto García, professor of Fcomunav

 Wednesday, October 4th 

10:00h. Counting evil

Interview with Jon Sistiaga, journalist, conflict zone reporter and documentary filmmaker. 

Interviewer: Clara González Tosat, Fcomunav professor

11:00-11:30h. Coffee

11:30-12:30h. roundtable. Making the executioners talk

Gaizka Fernández Soldevilla, historian and manager of research of the Victims of Terrorism Memorial Center.

Jerónimo Ríos, historian and expert on political violence and insurgencies in Latin America

Pilar Cebrián, correspondent in Istanbul and author of "El infiel que habita en mí".

moderatorAurken Sierra, professor at Fcomunav



October 3, 2023


classroom 5, School of Communication

City Pamplona
Organized by School of Communication