Solidarity Christmas collection


Christmas collection from November 16 to November 30

For the benefit of families at risk of exclusion from the María Inmaculada Social Center.

Each year, the Maria Inmaculada Social Center welcomes nearly 3,000 women, of more than 28 nationalities, at status of vulnerability. The mothers do not have enough to maintain their homes and need food, clothing and even work. 

When it's hard to make ends meet, winter is even harder and Christmas loses that special sparkle. Families can't buy enough food or a present for the children

Collaborate in this solidarity collection with that pair of pants that still has label and is forgotten in the closet, with that toy that is as good as new, or with a donation so that the Center can buy food for the families it serves. With your contribution you will give joy this Christmas!

To contribute with the purchase of food, you can make the economic donation by Bizum to "Dona UNAV". (Code 33428)

Donations of the following materials, which must be clean and in good condition, are especially appreciated: 

  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Baby bags and blankets
  • Coats for children, youth and adults (both sexes)
  • Winter clothing from 5 to 10 years old (both sexes)
  • Winter footwear from issue 35 to 42
  • Toys, stories and books

Donations can be made in boxes that will be placed in the following buildings until November 30.

  • Cima
  • Hexagon
  • Friends 
  • Architecture
  • Central 


November 16, 2022


Cima, Hexagon Building, Friends, Architecture, Central

City Pamplona
Organized by Tantaka