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Penultimate challenge GAM: design the process of internationalization of a business

The students of the four courses have carried out a total of 45 projects with organizations from different sectors this year semester

FotoManuelCastells/Students have designed the commercial and sourcing strategy considering the particularities of each market and product.

16 | 02 | 2023

On the verge of finishing their university studies, the fourth-year students of Degree in Applied Management (GAM) at the University of Navarra defended on December 2 their last project of the degree program. Divided into groups, as they had worked during the previous six semesters, on this occasion they faced the challenge of designing the process of internationalization of a business, including the commercial and supply strategy and considering the particularities of each market and product.

For this penultimate challenge of the degree program (the last will be to successfully face the academicexchange or curricular practices), the different teams have developed various proposals among which are, for example, a wine business , one dedicated to the sale of musical instruments or another whose proposal value is sustainable fashion.

In total, the students of the four courses of the Degree in management Applied Management have carried out this semester a total of 45 projects with companies from different sectors. The works, evaluated within the subjects of management and Business Communication, were defended in a public hearing before academics and other colleagues in the framework of the celebration of the Patron Saint's Day 2022

In addition to the proposals of the final year students, the rest of the students have also worked on different projects along the semester: the First year students have studied the lean methodology and have applied it to different improvement proposals at the University of Navarra Museum; the Second year students have studied and implemented a quality guide based on the rules and regulations ISO 9001:2015 in different companies of the sports sector; and the Third year students have sought solutions for stock of materials and communication improvements by applying different tools of management and communication at business Aceites Artajo.

Project-based learning is one of the fundamental pillars of the academic proposal of this unique Degree in Spain. With this methodology, students, beyond memorizing, learn how to work at business through the application internship of the knowledge acquired at class.

Graduates in management Applied are highly qualified professionals in management and business organization, with a spirit of service and attention to detail, capable of planning and managing processes, resources and teams in different areas of companies and other organizations. They identify problems, propose solutions and implement them from agreement with techniques and tools from management based on data analysis. They have business communication skills and express themselves in at least three languages, so that they can work in international and intercultural contexts. They are professionals capable of generating work environments based on trust, honesty, loyalty, commitment and respect, observing the principle of confidentiality due to their professional practice.