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Marian Rojas: "We are not prepared to live constantly in alert mode".

The psychiatrist Marian Rojas gave the main lecture of the III meeting of HR Managers in law firms of the University.

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PHOTO: Pilar Martín Bravo
02/10/20 10:49 Blanca Rodriguez

"Human beings are not prepared to live in alert mode," warned psychiatrist Marian Rojas at the University of Navarra, who explained how to manage emotions in situations of stress and uncertainty.

Rojas assured that "our mind and body do not distinguish a real threat from an imaginary one, because the same alert system is activated" and that a status of sustained stress generates states of sadness and irritability. Therefore, he added, "if your life has a meaning, you live longer, because the immune system is transformed".

The doctor analyzed the phases we go through during the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic and pointed out tips to control cortisol, the hormone that releases stress and whose intoxication causes physical, psychological and behavioral changes.

Marian Rojas stressed the importance of exercise, positive thoughts and psychology, the approach to "vitamin" people, meditation from acceptance and the withdrawal and food rich in Omega 3, probiotics, vitamin C and vitamin D.

He also recalled that "to see opportunities you have to prepare yourself", because the brain retains what is important to us: "This is core topic, because there are people to whom good things don't happen because they don't know what they want".

The lecture was part of the III meeting of Human Resources and Recruitment Managers in law firms, which was held at the Campus of Madrid of the academic center, where the Programs Master's Degree of the School of Law are taught.

The meeting was attended by recruitment managers and Human Resources directors from leading law firms. In this third edition, the quotation was held in person, respecting prevention and hygiene measures, but it was also possible to access via streaming.

On the other hand, the Dean of the School of Law, Jorge Noval, and the director of development, Fidel Alonso-Allende, presented the 'Placement Report 2020', where the employability figures of the eighth promotion of the Programs Master's Degree of the School are collected. It was also pointed out that 100% of the Master's Degree internships were paid, and 76% of these were for an amount of more than €600.