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The University, first in Spain in Accounting and Finance, Nursing and Communication, according to the QS by Subject 2021 ranking.

QS rates reputation among academics, impact of research and employability among more than 1,400 universities worldwide.


03 | 03 | 2021

The University of Navarra is the best university in Spain in the areas of Accounting and Finance, Nursing, and Media Communication and programs of study , according to the QS ranking by areas for the year 2021. In the last two cases, it is tied in that position with another Spanish university. In addition, the University is second in Spain in Philosophy (alone), Medicine, and Business Management and Administration (together with two other universities, respectively).

The ranking, which evaluated 1,453 universities worldwide, also considers the University of Navarra among the top 100 overall in Business Management and Administration (25th in the world), Accounting and Finance (45th, tied with another university), Philosophy (rank 51-100), Nursing (51-100) and Media Communication and programs of study (51-100).

The QS Subjects Rankings evaluate 5 main areas: Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Business Management. In this last area, the University of Navarra is 71st in the world. The ranking also offers the results in a total of 51 sub-areas, among which the University has been ranked in 15. This year it appears for the first time in the Psychology ranking, where it is seventh in Spain and ranks 251-300 in the world. It also obtained positions among the top 10 Spanish universities in Architecture (4), Computer Science and Information Systems (10), Law (4), Economics and Econometrics (5), Pharmacy and Pharmacology (6), Biological Sciences (9) and Art and design (7).

To rank universities, QS uses 4 indicators: academic and employer reputation, citations in articles from research and the H-index -which assesses the productivity and impact of researchers-. The first two reputation indicators are obtained from the analysis of more than 100,000 surveys of academics and employers worldwide. The citation indicators and the H-index are based on information from the database of research Scopus, after the analysis of 13.9 million articles and almost 81 million citations. In Spain, 34 universities have been ranked.

According to the Vice President of International Office, María Pilar Lostao, "we are pleased with the QS ranking focused on areas, which recognizes the broad academic spectrum in which the University researches and offers teaching, from Humanities, Social Sciences to Engineering and Medicine". Furthermore, according to Lostao, "the improvement reflected in recent years encourages us to continue the effort researcher and to further improve the impact of work of our researchers".