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"I really enjoyed the Degree in Biomedical Engineering, but I wanted to go deeper into the business world and the pharmaceutical business "

/Santiago Latorre

06 | 06 | 2022

Santiago Latorre studied Biomedical Engineering at TECNUN, the University's School of Engineering. He says that, although he really enjoyed Degree, after finishing he realised that he wanted to go deeper into business-oriented content and business. "When I found out about the UniversityMaster's Degree in management of Pharma-Biotech Companies (MUGEPB) offered by School of Pharmacy and Nutrition, I didn't hesitate to do it". 

After the academic part of Master's Degree, Santiago did his internship at department Business Insights & Analytics at Janssen, the pharmaceutical part of Johnson & Johnson. "I was in charge of performing analysis and behavioural tracking in the markets where Janssen is present, especially in the neurosciences area . I also provided support in the planning and of . I also supported the planning and development of programs of study for the market".

Now, after a long process, the opportunity has arisen for him to start working as a sales representative at Janssen's immunology area . "I have always been interested in the commercial dimension, but after a year of analysing a lot of information from a perspective outside the business unit, I was very interested and curious to be part of the commercial network ," he confesses.

contact Throughout his career, he says that Master's Degree has helped him to have a first contact with the sector and to see how it works: "It provides the necessary tools to join the working world with guarantees, among which stand out development of communication skills and work in a team, something that I had already worked on at Degree but which is enhanced at Master's Degree". "In addition to knowledge, I would like to mention the colleagues with whom I have shared the experience and the friendships that have arisen. It has been a very enriching experience".