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ISEM and Universal join forces to organize the preview of "Mrs. Harris's Trip to Paris".

Three hundred people related to the fashion world filled the conference room cinema in the center of Madrid to see, exclusively, the film that will be released in Spain, only in theaters, on December 9.

Photo /Carmen Azpurgua, deputy director of ISEM

12 | 12 | 2022

Last Tuesday ISEM organized with Universal the preview of "Mrs. Harris's Journey to Paris". The adaptation of Paul Gallico 's novel "Flowers for Mrs. Harris", tells the story of a cleaning lady in 1950's London who falls in love with a Dior design and decides to invest whatever it takes to buy a dress from the famous designer.

Nearly 300 people were at conference room 1 of the Proyecciones cinema, in Madrid's Fuencarral street. Along with ISEM students and professors, some influencers were waiting expectantly with their popcorn, such as Mónica de Tomás, the designer Sole Alonso, Begoña "La ordenatriz" or Teresa "Armonía de hogar"; journalists from the main fashion magazines: Vogue, Telva, Elle or SModa; and professionals from Loewe, Tendam, Wow, Bulgari, group Suárez... and, of course, Dior.

Film journalist Ana Sánchez de la Nieta and Carmen Azpurgua, deputy director of ISEM, were in charge of introducing the screening. Azpurgua began by thanking Universal and all the attendees for having facilitated the event and for coming to the event, and Sánchez de la Nieta gave the cinematic keys.

The film was shot in Budapest, London and Paris in 2021, in the midst of the post pandemic, with many difficulties. "The director of the film, Anthony Fabian, has managed to preserve the magic of the story and also add that other magic of the film language, the journalist valued. Fabian has directed many documentaries about musicians and this is perceived as a mastery of rhythm, of the musicality of the story".

One of the production priorities was the recreation of the Maison Dior in 1957. To do this, the brand handed over the plans of the building, which still occupies 30 Avenue Montaigne, the legendary Avenue Montaigne in Paris. "Luciana Arrighi and her team recreated the impressive staircase, the main hall and the changing rooms to scale on the programs of study in Budapest, allowing the actors to move from one space to another as it was actually done at the Maison Dior. In addition, the brand lent part of the furniture and props used in the sets," Sanchez de la Nieta continued.

Naturally, one of the strong points of "Mrs. Harris's Trip to Paris" is the costumes of the characters, which breathe Dior on all four sides. Jenny Beavan, the costume designer, has won many awards for her work in this field, including three Oscars for "Cruella", "Mad Max: Road Rage" and "A Room with a View". On this occasion, the house of Dior gave her five dresses, as well as access to a large amount of original material from the French designer.

It was also noted that the film's leading actress, Lesley Manville, was nominated for an Oscar a few years ago for her role in "The Invisible Thread", a wonderful, much darker film, which we had the opportunity to see in another preview organized by Universal and ISEM.

"Finally, in addition to its cinematographic values, this film stands out for its message, which in these times of a certain generalized cynicism is very necessary, said Sánchez de la Nieta. "El viaje a París de la señora Harris" talks about dreams, fashion and work well done. But, above all, it speaks of how beauty can enrich the world".