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The Ertzaintza, with the support of Tecnun in the context of the European ENGAGE project , starts a campaign against cybercrime through its social networks.

The aim is to raise awareness and involve citizens and companies in the fight against crime committed through new technologies.

FotoCedida/ResearchersLeire Labaka and John Rincón will be in charge of analyzing the results.

11 | 07 | 2023

Over the next 30 days, the Ertzaintza will publish tips and messages on its social networks in an educational way, aimed at raising social awareness of cyberthreats. This is an initiative of the European project called ENGAGE, in which Tecnun is involved, along with fourteen other partners, including companies, institutions and universities from eight European countries, and which has as goal involve society in the management and response to emergency situations.

ENGAGE seeks to amplify society's response and improve citizens' ability to cope with different types of disasters, including cybercrime. In addition, its goal is to improve the interaction between the different emergency services and citizens, for which a catalog of solutions has been developed.

This campaign has been designed based on one of the solutions in this catalog with the aim of improving the awareness and preparation of citizens to prevent and know how to act in the event of becoming a victim of cybercrime. In this way, the daily tips will insist on the need to protect oneself.

The design of the Ertzaintza's communication campaign has been carried out at partnership with Tecnun, which will be in charge of analyzing its results, with researchers. Leire Labaka y John Rincón at the forefront. Both Labaka and Rincón affirm that "we want the results of the project ENGAGE, such as this campaign and the solutions portfolio, strengthzcan support emergency response teams and authorities to improve their interaction with citizens, with the ultimate goal of involving society in disaster response activities management".

The campaign has started with the message "secure passwords" and will continue for a month with various contents of good online practices to take care of the security of our devices, to prevent criminals from accessing our data through phishing or malware, as well as to protect our privacy.