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Protagonists of the 'train of change

Times Higher Education magazine places the University of Navarra in the 50th position in its international employability ranking. At Career Services we work to adapt to changes and offer students and graduates the best tools to achieve their goals.

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11/12/18 12:40 Roberto Cabezas

The world is changing at an astonishing speed. The new generations have put us in check and forced us to jump on the "change train". At the University of Navarra we have chosen to be the protagonists of a more disruptive and "revolutionary" change, that is, to modify the rules of the game, to take a leap in evolution. We want to be protagonists of change by adapting to these new and demanding times, and encourage our students and alumni to get on the train as well.

However, success is not improvised, it is built. And it responds to an ambitious and well thought-out strategy of employment and employability, current and in tune with the needs of students and the market. Thus, for the fourth consecutive time, the University is ranked issue 1 in Spain in employability, according to the QS 2019 international rankingwhich lists the top 500 universities in the world.

92.5% of the graduates of Degree are working or expanding their training. For the fourth consecutive year, their level of employment has increased. Seventy-one percent of graduates and 85% of Master's Degree graduates found their first employment within six months of completing their training, revealing rapid access to the labor market.

Having been selected among the 50 best universities in the world in the Times Higher Education Times Higher Education magazine's Employability Ranking is a privilege, an honor and a huge is a privilege, an honor and an enormous challenge that excites and encourages us.

At the University we think about how to send our talent to the world to promote professional development and staff to all those corners where our young "passengers" of the train of change arrive. At final, we work every day to try to build a more humane, fairer and better world.