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The School of Architecture and the C.I. Donibane collaborate on a project educational

Students will design and build a wooden shelter for the campus university.

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17/01/18 13:50 Lucía García Fernández

The technical school of Architecture of the University of Navarra and the Centro Integrado de training Profesional Donibane have signed apartnership agreement in subject educational. Both entities will develop a joint project of design and construction of a wooden 'shelter' for students.

This point of meeting is intended to provide a place to sit, meet and chat with the students of the University. It is an area of about four square meters, which is conceived as a small pavilion, providing shelter and shade.

The future architects will design different models of the shelter and then teachers and students of C.I. Donibane will choose one for its construction. This task will be carried out by the students of the 2nd year of the Higher Technical Course in design and Furnishing, supervised by Professor Alfonso Erro.

The cooperation is organized by School of Architecture through the seminar room International Wood Construction. This is a two-week intensive training for architecture students who have chosen the technical accredited specialization . The training will be position of Peer Haller, Full Professor of the Technische Universität Dresden, and José Manuel Cabrero, director of the Chair Wood of the academic center.

The material for the elaboration will be provided by the Spanish business FINSA through Maderas Portu warehouses. The selected design will be built at the C.I. Donibane facilities and will be placed at the university campus in early March 2018.

partnership public-private

Eduardo Domingo, director of area of development of School of Architecture, and Alfonso Roncal, director of C.I. Donibane, agreed on the importance of public-private cooperation.

In addition, they have highlighted the opportunity for students to experience a complete construction process, from the design of the shelter to its fabrication. An important aspect of the project will be the communication between the designer and the builder, in order to understand and comply with the requirements from both points of view.

The inauguration of seminar room took place at C.I. Donibane, with a meeting between the students of the two centers and a visit of the Architecture students to the facilities.