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EU funds university researcher with more than 2 million euros to study obesity

The scholarship of research advanced has been awarded to Professor Miguel Á. Martínez-González to develop the project PREDIMED-PLUS

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Miguel Ángel Martínez González
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
19/06/14 13:50 Laura Latorre

The prestigious European Research Councilscholarship research has awarded an Advanced Research Grant of more than 2 million euros to Prof. Miguel A. Martínez-Gonzalez, Full Professor of the University of Navarra, to develop a new study. The new essay known as PREDIMED-PLUS will include more than 6,000 overweight and obese participants. In addition to the University of Navarra, 20 other Spanish research centers integrated in CIBER (Centros de research Biomédica en network), mainly in the CIBER de Fisiopatología de la Obesidad y Nutrición (CIBEROBN), will also work on it.

The impact of weight loss on cardiovascular disease risk, in the context of a patron saint of per diem expenses Mediterranean, has not been evaluated by randomized trials of sufficient size. The new PREDIMED-PLUS study is a parallel multicenter, randomized, primary prevention essay study that will include men aged 55-75 years and women aged 60-75 years, with body mass index between 27 and 40 kg/m2 and meeting criteria for metabolic syndrome. 

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In contrast to the baseline PREDIMED-1 study, which only changed the composition of the dietary patron saint , this study adds three new components: weight loss, calorie reduction, and a physical activity program. Prof. Martínez-González explains it as follows: "the goal of this project is to evaluate the cardiovascular effects of an intensive weight loss and lifestyle intervention (with promotion of physical activity and a traditional calorie-restricted Mediterranean per diem expenses ) compared to a less intensive program - also using a Mediterranean per diem expenses - but without calorie reduction and physical activity program". However, the final goal is the same: to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The members of the committee board of directors of the new essay are Jordi Salas (Reus), Dolores Corella (Valencia), Montse Fito (IMIM, Barcelona), Emilio Ros and Ramón Estruch (Clinic, Barcelona) and Miguel A. Martínez-González (Navarra). All of them led groups of essay PREDIMED-1 recently concluded with great success. The rationale behind the new research is that this preventive program may provide an affordable and effective approach to reduce the excess cardiovascular disease that has been observed in overweight and obese individuals.