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"Antibiotic resistance is an ongoing problem that is getting worse every day."

4th year Pharmacy students organize a exhibition for Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Week.

21 | 11 | 2022

"Antibiotics are drugs used for the treatment of bacterial infections, but if used indiscriminately they can lead to the appearance of resistant bacteria, i.e. bacteria that are no longer sensitive to a particular treatment to which they were previously sensitive. And this is a current problem that is getting worse every day". Sabrina Colby, a 4th year Pharmacy student, explains the initiative to inform about this status through the creation of informative and scientific posters that will be exhibited during the Antibiotic Resistance Awareness Week. The sample of 15 posters can be visited in the Transiberian linking the Sciences Building with the Edificio Los Castaños from November 18 to 25 and is part of the subject "Analysis and Diagnosis of laboratory ".

Alejandra Juan, for her part, analyzes the problem with a simple example: "When a bacterium is exposed to a concentration leave of antibiotics, it gets 'used to it' and in the next exhibition the antibiotic will not be able to eliminate it". In addition, he details that acquiring an infection by a resistant bacterium leads to the appearance of stronger infections that are more difficult to treat because we gradually exhaust our portfolio of therapeutic options and that put the patient's life at risk. "As healthcare professionals, we have the responsibility and obligation to give voice to this problem, as it is estimated that in the not too distant future, it could become an important cause of death".

By way of summary, the students propose some simple tips that anyone can put on internship and that contribute to a prudent and effective use of antibiotics:

  1. Do not self-medicate.

  2. Always use them under medical prescription.

  3. fill in treatment even if the symptoms have disappeared.

  4. Do not reuse antibiotics from previous treatments.

  5. If there is leftover treatment (blisters, syrups, suspensions), take it to the Sigre point of the pharmacy.