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With a practical approach and multidisciplinary, the programmes of training continua for alumni allow update to provide in-depth knowledge useful for professionals in different sectors. The sessions are taught by professors and researchers from the University of Navarra and programmed by its Schools, schools and other academic centres. 

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In this webinar on mission statement to Mars, Paul Brugarolas, Senior Engineer at Tecnun and chief engineer of the Guidance, Navigation and Control system of the Mars 2020 Perseverance, one of NASA's most ambitious projects, tells us about the landing on the red planet, the challenges they faced and the objectives they are pursuing.

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Álvaro Lleó, lecturer at Personnel Management Service in Tecnun, and Nuno Pitta, CEO of DPMC, reflect on the implementation of the corporate purpose .

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Elena Blanco, former student and General Manager of Sustainability and Environment at Enagás, gives keys to face this time of change. She also explains what sustainability is, why it is so important for an organisation, and talks about her experience staff at Enagás.

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Francisco Ortigosa, expert in digital transformation, and Mabel Rodríguez, director of the new Master's Degree for Technological Innovation at Tecnun - University of Navarra.

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