Biomedical Devices

Biomedical Devices and Wearables

Technology applied to the field of health has had a significant impact on the diagnostic and therapeutic capacity in the field of medicine.

In recent times, the contribution of technology to the field of health has been accelerating thanks to the technological development and the convergence of the two fields.

The University of Navarra has been combining these disciplines for 20 years, both in professor and in research, which has given rise to programmes at Degree and postgraduate program in Biomedical Engineering and to scientific results that have been published or transferred to the market through companies or start-ups.

Devices and Wereables:

Devices and Wereables

collaborates with industry, academia, research and medical centres on research projects that lead to advancing the state of the art in various fields:

  • development of biomodels and medical devices for surgical training and planning.

  • design for Additive Manufacturing with functional materials (e.g. electrically conductive materials, ESD materials) including topology optimisation, adjustments of the printing process to optimise the final functionality of the component.

  • development of new methodologies for the design of smart embedded products (e.g. Wearables).

  • development of new methodologies for the transfer of knowledge from emerging Materials to industry (e.g. Wearables, nanomaterials).




Paz Morer



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Aitor Cazón

Associate Professor


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Javier Díaz Dorronsoro

Associate Professor


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María Isabel Rodríguez

Professor Contratada Doctora


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