Thanks to work multidisciplinary teams of pharmacists, biologists, chemists, physicians, physicians, physicists and engineers bring together complementary skills capable of solving complex problems.

The following are some of the projects carried out at area:

  • Diagnostic system for diseases related to the microbiota: The weight of research activity aimed at finding of the role that the microbiome plays in people's health is growing. There are still great unknowns to be cleared up and an enormous need to shed light on this field and enable discoveries aimed at a better understanding and management of the knowledge that all the bacteria living in the human organism have on health. The partnership between the Endocrinology and Nutrition groups at CUN and BioMEMS at TECNUN is generating valuable results in the progress of the state of the art in this field and in the search for new therapies for the treatment of diseases in which the microbiota is involved.

  • designThe project, manufacture and implementation of a complete system for monitoring biofilms in implants: sensorisation and transmission of data. management of the alarms. Team: Dr. José Luis del Pozo, Dr. Ignacio Moriyón, Dr. Guillermo Martínez de Tejada, Dr. Maite Mújika, Dr. Jacobo Predes, Dr. Juan Francisco Sevillano, Dr. Sergio Arana, Dr. Eva Pérez, Dr. José Luis del Pozo.

  • design and manufacture of flat and stimulation electrodes. Team: Dr. Manuel Manrique, Dr. Julio Artieda, Dr. Sergio Arana

  • designSensor manufacturing and biofunctionalisation. Lab-on-a-chip. Team: Dr. Ignacio Moriyón, Dr. Guillermo Martínez de Tejada, Dr. Maite Mújika, Dr. Sergio Arana, Dr. Eva Pérez. In this project he maintains a close relationship with partnership : Prof. Dr. Klaus Brandenburg - Scientific Staff at the Biophysics Group of Forschungszentrum Borstel and Scientific Chief Officer at Brandenburg Antiinfektiva GmbH and Dr. Thanos Demiris - R&D Director and co-founder of Micro2Gen.