New forms of drug delivery


The aim of this line of research is goal development of nanotransporters of anti-tumour drugs capable of directing cytostatics to the tumour focus, favouring their controlled and progressive release into the tumour environment, as well as inhibiting possible metastasis developed during the course of the disease. To this end, the technology of nanoencapsulation of anti-tumour drugs will be combined with techniques for manufacturing microfluidic Structures to evaluate their therapeutic efficacy in different cell lines under optimal conditions at work.

research joint

The project is part of a joint research of three groups: the department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Navarra (Dr. María Blanco, Dr. Edurne Imbuluzqueta), the department of Pediatrics of the Clínica Universidad de navarra (Dr. Ana Patiño, Dr. Luis Sierrasesúmaga) and the department of microelectronics and microsystems of CEIT (Dr. Maite Mujika, Dr. Sergio Arana).