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Company presentations

Company presentations

It is important to have a good knowledge of the sector or the companies in which you would like to work. For this reason, throughout the course, companies come to campus in Pamplona and Madrid to present themselves and explain what profiles they require and what their selection processes are like. attend Both students and alumni can attend these presentations. For companies, it is a good opportunity to make themselves known and gain visibility.

When: September to April.

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Google at the University of Navarra



Every year, Google offers to come to the University, either in person or online, to organise a meeting with students. Students discover what it is like to work at Google from their recruiters in Europe, who also explain the keys to successfully passing their selection processes. We encourage you to learn more about this meeting from two students:

Nested applications


Marta Gabriela Tudela Toledo

4th year Marketing + Corporate Communication Programme student

Participated in the 2020 session with Google

"We learned about Google and their selection process for summer internships and graduate programmes. We were also taught how to put together a sales pitch in the style of Google's Customer Solutions professionals. I really liked the fact that so many topics were covered in just one hour, and that we had the opportunity to put what we had learnt into a small sales simulation on internship . We were divided into several videoconference rooms in which two of us simulated a sales process between a Google Customer Solutions professional and a customer. In the case of my group, I was 'Shakespeare' and they had to sell me a pen, when I always write with a pen. It was a fun activity in which we were able to see how a sales pitch is developed following the steps that we had been given beforehand".



Paula Mora Brito

Student of 4th year of
International Office

Participated in the 2020 session with Google

"Google is a business known for its dynamism, and this was reflected in the meeting. The speakers were young, which made us feel more comfortable and knowledgeable. At meeting, they explained what Google offers, gave us tips on how to deal with selection process and answered our questions. After learning how consultative selling works, we put what we had learned on internship . I had never had the opportunity to participate in an activity like this before subject, it was fun trying to convince Shakespeare to put down his pen and buy a pen. Even if we don't get the job or are ultimately not interested in an offer, I think there is a lot to be learned as we have the opportunity to hear first-hand what the world of work is looking for and how to achieve our career goals.