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Training for students of Degree


 "How many times have you been asked this question? Probably a few, but... have you really asked yourself what you want to be? Not just when you grow up, but today, now.

The Essentials program will help you find these and other answers and prepare you as well as possible throughout the degree program program so that when you go out into the world of work tomorrow, you will know where to start.

What is the Essentials Programme?

At Career Services, in addition to offering career guidanceWe prepare students for the jump into the working world through training in employability.

The Essentials program of the University of Navarra Essentials program will help you to get the best out of yourself so that your internship search and employment will be successful, and so that you will know how to deal with a selection process. Essentials integrates training on the main recruiting techniques used by companies today and development on the most sought-after skills . You will learn, for example, how to prepare a CV and a LinkedIn profile and how to work on your strengths and areas for improvement. You can complete the three modules (Self-Awareness, Branding staff and selection process) along the degree program.


How do I participate? 

If you are studying a Degree or double Degree in the Schools of Sciences, Communication, Law, Education and Psychology, Pharmacy and Nutrition or Philosophy and Letters or in the Schools of Architecture, Engineering (Tecnun) or ISSA (School of Applied Management) you can enjoy Essentials.

Without the need to register, each course will give you access to the complete program at ADI, at section "Organizations" (you will find three: Self-awareness, Branding staff and selection process). You can sign up for the practical workshops through the University'sPortal at employment .

If you belong to another School or school and would like to apply for more information, please write an e-mail to carrerasprofesionales@unav.es.

What do students who have already participated in Essentials have to say?


training for students of Master's Degree



The Boot Camp is an intensive employability training programme aimed at master's degree students at the University of Navarra. It is an initial training that serves as a base and is extended throughout the course of studies with other training sessions.

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