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The Degreeat International Officeis aimed at students who wish to develop and project intellectual, instrumental and personal skills in an international context.


This Degree is for you if you have...

Interest in International Office, political links between states, supranational institutions, the international situation from a political, economic, historical, social and legal point of view, with a global vision of current problems and their possible solutions.

In this context, it will help you to have empathy, work and study skills, language skills, as well as a good capacity for analysis and synthesis, oriented to the study of International Office in each of its sectors.


Admission criteria...

You will have to pass an exam and a personal interview at

The test entrance exam goal is designedto assess the abilities and aptitudes of student.
This exam is worth 40% of the final grade. 


test for access

Test on general legal knowledge (basic concepts)

History, Philosophy, Geography, Economics, language and Literature and current affairs.

50% of the admission test score

This test, prepared by the University's institute of modern languages , serves to accredit the level of student, but does not exempt you from the presentation of any of the official qualifications in English listed at section "languages" on this page, which are essential for access to Degree. 

In which student is asked to develop a piece of writing based on the headline of a news item, photograph or specific topical issue. The goal of this commentary, which can be done at Spanish or in English, is to test candidate 's ability to express, write, synthesise and link different aspects related to the question asked.

30% of the entrance exam

In which the interest of student in the studies of International Office, its knowledge of current international political issues and its suitability for the profile entry will be assessed.

20% of the entrance exam

The Admissions Officein the Degreein International Officeand in the Double Degreein International Officeand Law is conditioned to accredit in time and form the level of English. Therefore, candidates must attach to Portal miUNAV and send a copy by e-mail( before enrollment, a copy of the following certificates accrediting their level of English:

- First Certificate in English, Cambridge ESCOL Exams. Minimum 50 points.
- Certificate in Advanced English, Cambridge ESOL Exams.
- Certificate of Proficiency English, Cambridge ESOL Exams.
- TOEFL, according to iBT criteria, > 77.
- Level C1 of the Official School of Languages.
- 6-7 in IELTs.
- high school diploma in an international high school .
- Students whose language of teaching has been English.
- Students from high school diploma International. Language B.

Likewise, those students whose education or language mother tongue was not Spanish must accredit level B2 of the DELE (Diplomas de Español como language Extranjera) of the Instituto Cervantes.

It is essential to present any of these qualifications before formalising the final enrollment of the first year. Failure to do so will prevent student from enrolling in the programme. 

If you are going to study one of our specialised diplomas you will need to have one of the following English language qualifications:

-Certificate in Advanced English, Cambridge ESOL Exams
-Certificate of Proficiency English, Cambridge ESOL Exams.
- TOEFL, according to iBT criteria, > 95.
-Level C1 of the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.
high school diplomaat an international high school.
- Students whose languageof teachinghas been English.
- Studentsfrom high school diplomaInternational. Language B.

Admission-EU Exit

If you are studying in a country outside the European Union, in addition to the above tests, we will also carry out an assessment of professional competences. For students with special needs, the University offers you the possibility to take a Unit for the Care of People with Disabilities (UADP).






Apply for admission to the Portal miUNAV.


Take the admission tests.


Once the test is finished, we will make a weighted average of your grade of 1st year of high school diploma (60%) and our test of Admissions Office (40%). The committee of Admissions Office of the School will solve your application.


We will inform you in the portal miUNAV of the status of your application for admission.


Once you have been admitted you can proceed to pay your enrollment. Find out about the UNAV payment methods.


Nested applications

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