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In an increasingly global, complex and interconnected society, it is crucial to have professionals who can understand and guide the policies of the different international actors.

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You can also take the programs of studyof Degreeat International Officewith those of Degreein Law or Degreein History.



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What we offer you

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Bilingual programme

Students will be able to study up to 82% of the credits of Degree in English. We guarantee that students receive a bilingual education, which is crucial for their careers.



We connect our students with the labour market through summer internships during the four years of the degree course. School Law maintains a close relationship with the professional sector and supports students to enter it. The versatility of International Office means that students can work in private companies, multinationals, NGOs and the public sector.


On-site stays

These are carried out during the first three years of the course. Students visit Shanghai, Washington D.C. and Jerusalem, where they are taught by renowned professionals. These experiences broaden their horizons and provide them with a valuable perspective on their professional field. The destinations are chosen for their global strategic, political and economic relevance. 


Regional Summits

You will learn more about strategic regions in the current landscape through regional summits.


Global Affairs

In Global Affairs you can publish articles and research with experts. You can become a member of a think tank to analyse a global world.


Exchange programme

We have a wide range of destinations in our exchange programme on all continents. We encourage students to take a semester exchange during their fourth year to learn about other cultures and complete their international experience.


Third language

In addition to English and Spanish, which are compulsory at degree program, students are encouraged to take a third course languageat the institute of modern languages at the University of Navarra. Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian, among others, are offered. This third language is not included in the academic programme of Degree, but its study is highly recommended.

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International outreach

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The University of Navarra Law School School currently maintains exchange programmes with 70 universities in 30 different countries around the world.



The Study programof Degreeat International Officeforesees three on-site stays, distributed throughout the first three years. The international placements focus on the study of the political, economic and social reality of strategic countries in the configuration of International Office.

For two weeks, the classes move from campus of the University of Navarra in Pamplona to cities core topic in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas, regions that are essential for understanding the current dynamics at International Office.

In addition, there is the possibility of doing an exchange programme abroad atsemester . The Study program will allow you to design a pathway adapted to your interests. You can specialise in different disciplines such as human rights, communication, politics or the environment, or study in depth the specific challenges of a particular region. 

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