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What will you learn?

The International Office is a combination of security, international politics and economic policies that relate to each other within the international community. This is combined with the different cultures that shape the relationships between different international actors.

This Degree will provide you with the conceptual apparatus and practical skills specific to this academic discipline , complementing them with the basic knowledge of other disciplines such as History, Political Science, Communication or Economics.

Through the specialisation diplomas you will be able to deepen the application of all this knowledge from the perspective of states or large multinationals and will be the first step to orientate your professional career.

Career prospects: text-2

Professional projection

The job market for graduates at International Office is very broad, with positions in the public or private sector, in multinational organisations, chambers of commerce, NGOs and diplomatic delegations, to name but a few. Internationalists can also engage in research, media outreach and teaching.

During your studies, the Careers Office will provide you with the information you need to access the labour market and generate the opportunities to achieve your long-term career goals.

You will have career guidance You will have access to personalised training, training in selection processes, information on civil service positions and how to apply for them, as well as regular contact with major employers atcontact .

Some employment opportunitiesof Degreeat International Officeare:

Nested applications


Public sector

In diplomatic and consular missions; state, regional or local administrations with international projection (ministries, regional councils, provincial councils); intergovernmental organisations (European Union, committee of Europe, European Central Bank, OSCE, NATO, African Union, UNASUR), global intergovernmental organisations (UN, World Bank, IMF); intelligence services; consultancy firms, among others.

Private sector

In chambers of commerce, international business, multinational companies, as well as corporate social responsibility.


Cooperation and development

Non-governmental organisations, international cooperation programmes, humanitarian missions, international coordination of volunteer activities.

Communication and culture

Communication offices of multinationals; intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations; collaborators in media specialised in international information; cultural managers of institutions abroad.


Professors, lobbyists, researchers in institutes or think tanks.

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