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The students of the Degree in Applied Management - management Applied Management are experts in management, are fluent in at least three languages, have in-depth knowledge in business y speechThey are able to plan and organise, and handle various digital tools such as CRM or ERP, among others. They are able to cope easily in multicultural environments, have team coordination skills and enjoy interpersonal relations, events and protocol. They enjoy studying and working simultaneously on several projects, driven by a deep and marked spirit of service.




The Degree in Applied Management - management Applied is for you if you...

You have a taste for business (organisation and management of processes, resources and people). 

You have communication skills and you are attracted to the speech.

You like and have the ability to learn languages.

You are at ease in international environments.

You possess team coordinationskills. 

You have empathy, interpersonalskills.

You are proactive, decisive and looking for a dynamicwork .

You are able to coordinate the work and the speech between the different units of the organisation or business.

You have a spirit of service.

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