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Nested applications

Nested applications

Project Based Learning (Project Based Learning)



The Degree in Applied Management uses a learning methodology in which students take an active role that encourages academic motivation. 

A team of teachers develops the objectives of each project so that it responds to the needs that students will encounter in the business world. The students, organised in teams, carry out a project each semester for a collaborating business . The learning space, both in the classroom and outside, takes on a different meaning in PBL(Project Based Learning), as students will have to work in group, move around, interact with others. 

Through this methodology, students do not only memorise or collect information, but learn by doing and develop competences to respond to the current demand of the labour market.

Over the 4 years, students will carry out 7 projects in real companies in different sectors: food, industrial, services, hospitality and tourism, etc.

"The project methodology teaches us to learn by doing, which is essential in order not to forget what we have learned and to stay motivated". 

Amparo Rodríguez

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