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What will you learn?


Architecture is defined as the art and technique of designing, planning and constructing environments, buildings and public spaces. No other art has the capacity to reflect a social reality in history; its work is the best file of its ways of life, its institutions and its progress.

The School of Architecture will transmit this creative and technical tradition of building forms and spaces under an order, in a global and international environment that demands not only new collaborative skills but also new environmental commitments in the service of society.

In order to be able to practice the regulated profession of architect, you will have to take the 5-year Degree in Architectural Studies and the University Master's Degree in Architecture.

Throughout the 5 years you will learn about the theories of architecture and its history. You will learn to develop techniques and technologies aimed at solving the function of buildings to make them habitable and sustainable. In addition, you will be able to solve the problems derived from the structure, construction and engineering of architectural projects.

Upon graduation, you will be able to understand the connection between people and buildings and buildings and their environment in terms of human scale.


Professional projection

SI Pardot - Grado en Estudios de Arquitectura [3qd5tb]

Aplicaciones anidadas


The School, through numerous agreements signed with companies and institutions, tries to ensure that the projects developed by the students have a practical and real application.

The plan will provide you with management skills, which are increasingly necessary for the professional practice of architects. It will offer you intensification through three mentions, all of them with a common training in management: entrepreneurship, people management, business and commercial management, marketing, professional skills, etc. 


The Degree in Architecture Studies allows you to access, exclusively, to the Master's Degree in ArchitectureThe Master's Degree in Architecture, a qualification that qualifies you to exercise the regulated profession of Architect, with which you acquire full professional attributions.

The Degree in Architectural Studies will provide you with a complete training and multidisciplinary will allow you to work in various fields:

In the drafting and execution of building, town planning or building rehabilitation and restoration projects.

In the field of design parks and landscape intervention, design sustainable and energy efficiency.

In various artistic fields such as photography, interior, fashion or graphic design design .



collaboration agreements signed with studios, companies and other entities.

85% of the total

of student body has done internships during the degree course.


students carried out professional internships last year, 44 of them outside Spain.

93.7% of the total 

of students find a job after completing their studies.