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Por qué estudiar el grado en comunicación audiovisual

What will you learn?

The Degree in Audiovisual Communication focuses on training professionals capable of creating audiovisual content for film, television and the Internet. To this end, the Degree places greater emphasis on the training of scriptwriters, directors, filmmakers and producers, profiles that require university-level training, due to the subject of competences and skills they require and their social responsibility.

You will learn, among other things, to express knowledge and ideas orally and in writing, with rigour, order and creativity, as well as to take advantage of the most appropriate linguistic and literary resources. You will be able to understand, analyse and critically evaluate the elements that shape human beings and society today in its multiple dimensions.

You will be able to devise, plan and develop shared projects in the field of audiovisual communication and apply teamwork and leadership skills aimed at responsible decision-making and problem-solving. You will also learn to identify the main cultural, literary and artistic manifestations of Western culture, from its origins to the contemporary world.

Among other things, you will learn the basic principles of the direction and management of audiovisual communication companies, as well as the main content programming strategies. You will learn to analyse audiovisual formats in the context of the structure and markets of audiovisual communication and to identify and apply the specific elements of audiovisual script construction. You will be able to devise and carry out audiovisual projects as a team, as well as to design and direct their staging.

You will be able to work in...

  • Fiction films

  • Documentary films

  • TV series

  • Entertainment television programmes

  • 3D animations

  • Video games

  • Music videos

  • Institutional video

Among the professional profiles that can be filled there, we can highlight the following:

Main profiles

  • Scriptwriter

  • Director / Producer 

  • Producer

Other complementary profiles

  • Director of photography

  • publisher/mounter

  • Content manager or programmer for television and new platforms 

  • Film and television critic

  • Script analyst for film and television

  • Integrated audiovisual content marketing manager

  • Multimedia content designer for the internet

And also...

You can study one semester or a full year at a foreign university. More information.

You will be able to carry out internships in companies to apply your academic knowledge and develop skills for your professional future in a global environment. More information.