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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas



It could be defined as the harmonious ideation of an object to fulfill a specific purpose. Every product we see, every product we use, from an aspirin to a car, from clothes, a cell phone, a chair, a table, our house, a doorknob; every service we benefit from, from a meal in a restaurant to a haircut; every experience we live, from a concert to a exhibition; everything, absolutely everything, has been more or less designed.

And who is behind these designs? How do they come up with these ideas? What inspires them? How do they think? How do they materialize their ideas? What process do they follow? How did they acquire this creativity?

Aplicaciones anidadas


What will you learn?


Aplicaciones anidadas


Design Thinking

The "Design Thinking" process, which includes research, ideation, prototyping and presentation of the project



Culture and references in the world of design and how to use them as inspiration to create meaningful designs.


Cross-cutting teams

How to work in cross-functional teams where every student has something to contribute in order to design for people.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Professional projection

The Study program will provide you with the training necessary to manage team projects with entrepreneurial and innovative vision, key in today's world of design. In addition to marketing and market knowledge, you will receive training on communication techniques for design concepts and solutions.

The courses on business and the possibility of internships during the summer will give you a functional vision of design and will bring you closer to the professional world.



You will be able to do your work End of Degree in a business or institution appropriate to the accredited specialization you have chosen. These are the companies and institutions with which School of Architecture has agreement:

Aplicaciones anidadas


- AC Hoteles, S.A.
- Acciona S.A.
- ACME. Asociación Creadores Moda España
- Acotex. Textile Trade Association
- Ad Hoc Communication and Marketing Centre, S.L.
- ADN design industrial, S.L.
- Agencia EFE, S.A.
- Aramark Servicios de catering G, S.L.
- Artworks comunicación S.L.
- Atresmedia Corporación de medios de comunicación, S.A.
- Bassat Ogilvy and Mather Barcelona S.A.
- Bell Comunicación S.COOP.
- Bimbo S.A.U. Blanco
- Bodegas Irache S.L.
- Bodegas PIedemonte S.COOP.
- BSH Electrodomésticos España S.A.
- Caramelo S.A.
- Carat España S.A.U.
- Centro design Pamplona S.L.
- Centros Comerciales Carrefour S.A. (group Carrefour España)
- Marketing Club of Navarra
- Codorniu SA
- Pepsico-Spain beverage company SA
- Soft drinks services company
- Cortefiel
- Danone S.A.
- Diario El País S.L.


- DKV Seguros S.A.
- El Corte Inglés SA
- Endesa S.A.
- Ernst & Young S.L.
- Estee Lauder Companies Europe
- Europa Press Delegaciones S.A.
- Euskaltel S.A.
- Ferrovial Agroman S.A.
- Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation
- Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Foundation
- Galletas Gullón S.A.
- group Eroski Sociedad Cooperativa Limitada de Consumo
- Iberdrola S.A.
- Idom Ingeniería y consultoría S.A.
- IFFTI International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes
- IFM. Institute Francais de la Mode
- Ilundain Foundation
- Ilune design S.L.
- Inditex
- International Apparel Federation
- Kreab Gavin Anderson Iberia, S.L.
- Kukuxumuxu S.L.
- Lilly S.A.
- Loewe
- Loreal España S.A.
- M. Torres Diseños industriales S.A.U.


- McCann Erickson S.A.
- McKinsey & Company S.L.
- Microsoft Iberica SRL
- Mondelez España Production S.L.U.
- Museo del Traje
- Mustang
- Nestlé España S.A.
- NH Hoteles S.A.
- Nissan Forklift España S.A.
- Procter & GambleEspaña S.A.
- Radio Nacional de España
- Renault España S.A.
- Rockwool peninsular S.A.
- Saatchi & Saatchi S.L.U.
- San Miguel Fábricas de cerveza y malta, S.A.
- Schindler S.A.
- Seat, S.A.
- Sedena S.L.
- Sener Ingeniería y sistemas, S.A.
- Siemens S.A.
- Sociedad Española de Radiodifusión, S.L.
- Sociedad Textil Lonia
- Sogecable S.A.
- Telecinco Cinema, S.A.U.
- Telefónica S.A.
- Tiempo Bbdo, S.A.P.
- Unidad publishing house, S.A.
- Unilever España SA
- Uniprex, S.A.
- Vocento S.A.
- Vodafone España S.A.U.
- Volkswagen Navarra S.A.
- Young & Rubicam S.L.