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What will you learn?

At the beginning we will provide you with the necessary instructions with subjects such as Macro and Microeconomics, Finance, Statistics. To have a good basis it is important to know the most relevant facts of modern and contemporary economic history in order to better understand the economic phenomena of our days.

From the early years, we want you to receive an integrated training that allows you to understand, analyse and solve problems or situations with a complete vision and applying the most appropriate tools in each case.

The last two years are dominated by more specific training, which prepares you to enter the labour market with training that is more in line with your preferences and abilities.

We want to give you specialised training, so we offer you a wide range of optional subjects so that you can choose the profile that best suits your personal characteristics and the direction you wish to give to your professional career.

In addition to academic training, we want to give you a solid human and cultural education that will enable you to work in a spirit of service, respecting the freedom and dignity of people and their environment, fostering a culture of collaboration, respect and teamwork.



You will be able to work in...

→ Services of programs of study Public and Private (Banks, Ministries)

→ public administration (Foreign Service, Ministry of Finance)

→ European Institutions (European Commission, EIB)

→ International Institutions (World Bank, IMF, UN...)

→ Non-profit institutions

→ Academic sector (professor of high school diploma, doctorate at Economics and related areas)

→ Analyst (market, institutional, financial...)

→ consultancy service (financial, insurance...)

→ Technical work related to market analysis, international relations, management...