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What will you learn?

The general goal of the Degree in Marketing is to train professionals with a global vision of business, capable of developing management and consultancy functions for the analysis of markets and the development of strategies, brand management and communication in companies and institutions, all with a professional ethic that guarantees good practices and fundamental rights

The Degree aims to provide students with the necessary training for the analysis of the environment and the consumer, the study of the product portfolio and the positioning of the business and its brands, as well as the quantitative and qualitative techniques and instruments for market research and innovative decision-making in the area of marketing.

You will be able to work as...

  • Marketing and sales manager.

  • Brand Manager.

  • Innovation Manager.

  • Commercial Analyst.

  • Advertising in agencies: media planning, account management, etc.

  • Responsible for commercial distribution.

  • Director sales.

  • consultant.

  • Marketing expert in institutions (NGOs, political parties, etc.).

  • Director of communication.

  • Product logistics manager.

  • Cabinet management.

  • Social and corporate responsibility.

  • Social average Manager.

  • Responsible for public affairs.

And also...

You can study one semester or a full year at a foreign university. More information.