▲ Dr. Calhoun with his students at #MedUNAV.


Dr. Byron Calhoun visits the School of Medicine at the University of Navarra every year to teach Maternal Fetal Medicine. He works at West Virginia University and is one of the greatest experts on Perinatal Palliative Care and a pioneer in this area in the United States.

How can you define your experience as an international professor at the University of Navarra?

It is actually a wonderful experience. Pamplona is a beautiful city, it is compact, it is very safe, the people are very friendly... and the food is excellent! The university is beautiful and the facilities are very, very good. The audio visual is excellent, everything here is very welcoming. I think anybody who wants to do an international experience should come to the University of Navarra, plus it is easy to get to Pamplona. There are direct flights from the US to Barcelona and Madrid and easy transport. It's great place, I love coming back, and that is why I come back every year.

Do you think the University of Navarra School of Medicine is a good place for international students?

I do. I think that the welcoming atmosphere here is excellent. The Spanish students are very welcoming. The School of Medicine is very interested in teaching. The city is beautiful. The area has a reasonable living experience and I think that for students, this is a great place because it's small enough to be very easily navigated but yet it's got really state-of-the-art education, so I think everyone would be satisfied here, it's wonderful place. I love coming here!

How do you see the students when you give class?

The students are very enthusiastic and we get a lot of participation. Fortunately, they speak good English because my Spanish in not that good and we can communicate and we have a lot of interaction. I like to interact with the students, many questions, a lot of give and take and they have been very good at participating in that. They are very interested and I have had good participation. A full class this year, so it has been very gratifying and I really like coming here because the students are just wonderful to teach, really a lot of fun to educate. They are interested in my topics, and that is the best of all.

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