How to prepare the BMAT Exam

In this #MedUNAV blog entry, we will explain the main details of the Cambridge University Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT). This exam is a two-hour admissions test for students that want to study Medicine in some universities around the world, among them, the University of Navarra.

The reason why the University of Navarra decides to admit students through the BMAT exam is because we want our international candidates to have a more globalized test that is not only based in a Spanish curriculum, and also because of the advantage of taking it wherever they are. The BMAT exam can only be taken by students that completed their high school outside of Spain. 

The BMAT is divided into three sections that evaluate problem solving, critical thinking, the science and mathematical knowledge of the students and writing and communication skills. The BMAT exam is taken all over the world and each year you have different opportunities to take it. Throughout this academic year, there are two options:

  • The 4th of November 2020.

  • The 20th of February, 2021.

Everything you need to know about the BMAT test, you can find it on their website. For example, scoring and results, dates and costs, how to register and how to prepare. Nevertheless, the School of Medicine of the University of Navarra wants to help you be more prepared. 

* Please, bear in mind that this article does not intend to be a guarantee of good preparation for the BMAT.

  • What are the three sections of the BMAT?

The BMAT is a 2-hour computer based test. It consists of 3 sections: 

Section 1: Aptitude and Skills (Multiple choice)

This section is designed to test problem-solving skills and understanding arguments. It is made up of 32 questions, with 60 minutes to complete.

Section 2: Scientific Knowledge and Applications (Multiple choice)

This section tests the ability to apply scientific knowledge. It is made up of 27 questions, with 30 minutes to complete. It includes Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.(More information)

Section 3: Writing Task

This section tests the ability to select, develop and organise ideas, and to communicate them in writing. Applicants must complete a writing essay in 30 minutes.

Remember: calculators and dictionaries cannot be used in the exam.

  • Who can apply to MedUNAV by taking the BMAT exam? 

As we have mentioned, only students who are studying their high school outside of Spain can apply through this way. If your school is in Spain, you can apply to MedUNAV's online exam on April 24th, 2021.

  • What is the score that I need to have in the BMAT to get into MedUNAV?

There is no pass or fail for the BMAT. You should simply aim for the best you can. Our candidates frequently ask us this question and we understand that it is difficult for you to not know if you passed or failed. The thing is, it depends on each year and their candidates. What we can tell you is that we focus more on Section 2 because it evaluates the scientific knowledge of the student. You also need to keep in mind that our way of evaluating a student is 30% GPA of penultimate year in high school and a 70% of the admissionexam. 

Remember: in the University of Navarra we will only accept the first BMAT score that you send to us

  • Is the University of Navarra an Authorized Centre for taking the BMAT? 

Yes we are, but only in February, 2021. To register, you have to contact the Authorised Centre nearest to your location and ask the Exams Officer to register you and give you a candidate entry number. You will need to give your personal information and also the name of the university/ies and the degree/s that you want to send your score to. Remember that this process can be done through the BMAT website.

  • What is the UCAS number and the course code?

The UCAS number is what students use only in the United Kingdom to apply to universities. You don't need an UCAS number for the University of Navarra. You will only need your Passport or ID number. We also receive questions from candidates asking us about the Course Code, this is only if you are applying to a university/universities in the United Kingdom.

If you have any questions or doubts you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you. To register for the BMAT you can go to their website


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