Many university students look forward to the summer to be able to leave the environment of classroom and to be able to do everything they don't do during the academic year. And that is why this past summer, with the intention of giving a plus to my vacation, I decided to sign up for two activities offered by the University of Navarra abroad for students of the School of Medicine

The first one was a Summer Course, which is held every summer for both first and second year students belonging to the International Program in Medicine. This past year it was organized at Imperial College London and it was given at subject of Clinical Neurology. During this experience I had the opportunity to learn and reinforce knowledge from past courses while sharing good times with my fellow students, all in a city with so many alternatives as London. The classes were in the morning with lunch breaks. In them, we learned both theoretical concepts and practical issues that are extremely useful for a health professional. There was no shortage of advice from experiential lectures by professors who told us about their own experiences and encouraged us to follow in their footsteps. It was after the talk of a researcher invited by the university when I took the opportunity to ask her about my next trip, which coincides with my second experience of exchange in my summer. Of all the things I took away from London I would highlight, independently of all the good things I learned, the opportunity to get to know my colleagues at degree program in more depth, as the bond that is created is not comparable to the one during the course.

My second experience abroad last summer also came from the university, which, every summer, organizes research and clinical rotations to a wide variety of locations and programs. I spent a month at a laboratory at the University of Kansas, involved in a project that was trying to find a cure for ALS. Throughout the first few days I spent my time following the researcher of the project and trying to learn all about this therapy so that I could get up to speed and gradually be able to take on tasks on my own. During my stay, from my laboratory I was encouraged to take the animal training course offered by the University of Kansas. With this training course I was able to access the animal facility and do neurological assessments of the mice to follow up on treatment. My stay in Kansas was a very enriching experience, not only academically but also at staff. During this time, I learned many new techniques, acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience internship and had the opportunity to do so surrounded by very experienced professionals who were always available to solve any of my doubts.

Finally, I believe that until you go out and put on internship everything you learn on classroom, you don't know what you are capable of. During the summer I discovered that my degree program goes beyond that and that traveling abroad to learn new things has made me realize how great my profession can be.

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