Medicine in Spain: the path to your first year

My name is Boaz Miller, I am from Denver (USA) and with this post I want to share my experience about why I decided to come to come to study Medicine at the University of Navarra.

The University of Navarra brings many resources together to allow medical students to learn in a great environment. Located in a relatively small northern Spanish town where you'll find a college student everywhere you walk. The University is home to many wonderful professors that offer help in any way that they can. In the International Medical Program, classes are relatively small and the professors can really take time to answer all of the questions that arise throughout the week.

I first chose this university by superficially looking at the ranking and the prevalence of an international program for Medicine, but that was a mistake. Though, medically the university ranks well and the location is nice the University of Navarra holds far more important aspects. I have come to learn that I had made the best choice of university; from students to teachers everyone is here to learn and take extra steps to achieve their degree, and to help you and others to focus on your work and fully understand all topics. Overall, the professors want each student to succeed and give their extra to help where they can, I could not think of a better aspect of a university.


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I got my admission in the School of Medicine through the BMAT Exam. Regarding the BMAT Exam, I strongly suggest self study for at least 3 months prior, practice exams and learning time management are a must because of the 1 minute per question limit. The BMAT is a widely used test so I was able to find many practice tests and past exams that gave good understanding of what it was like on test day, though it is never really like the real thing is it? Test day was a big moment, but the one thing I went into the room with was to answer every question no mater a guess or legitimate answer. Because if you guess B, C, or D you have roughly an 80% chance of getting the question correct, it helps a lot to know this when it comes down to the time constraint.

The BMAT and the traveling was all big experience as I'm sure it would be for anyone. But after all the studying and the chaos, Pamplona is a lovely place with good people and friends to ease the entry into Medical School. Studying has become my life but I've found ways to enjoy it, and ways to remember things faster. Just focus on getting here first and the rest will fall into place, especially with the help of the international guides and the faculty.

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