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Principios matemáticos de la información y comunicaciones

Mathematical Principles of Information and Communications 

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MATHπCOM intro

The group Mathematical Principles of Information and Communications (MATHπCOM) of TECNUN focuses its research on:

 Communication and Information Theory, both classical and quantum, specifically with regard to design of advanced algorithms for compression, storage, transmission and processing of information.

 Digital, Analog and future Quantum Communication Networks.

 Statistical Signal Processing and System Optimization.

The main objectives of group are to generate new knowledge in the above fields and its application in different sectors of telecommunications, industry, mobility and health. Of particular note is its research on error-correcting codes, fundamental for future quantum computers.

In the period 2017-2023 the group has published 44 scientific articles in JCR indexed journals. Moreover, in line with the aims of the University of Navarra itself, a fundamental goal of the group has also been the training of new researchers. In this sense, during the last 10 years, 15 doctoral programs directed by members of group have been developed (or are in progress). It is worth noting that at the end of their doctoral thesis , the PhDs trained in the group MATHπCOM have accessed positions in universities or Departments of research and development of prestigious companies in the Basque Country or abroad, such as: Imperial College London, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The University of Sheffield, University of Navarra, Airbus, Mathworks, CAF, Tecnalia, Vicomtech and the Canadian quantum computing business Photonic Inc.

In addition, MATHπCOM has a great capacity to obtain competitive funding to develop its lines of research. Specifically, in the last 6 years, the group has participated in 14 research projects funded by the European Commission, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. The funding obtained by the group in these 14 competitive projects has been close to 2 million euros.

At the national level, the group is very well positioned, belonging to the network COMONSENS, which has received two national grants, one as network of Excellence of subject Consolider and the other as network of research. In addition, the group MATHπCOM has a clearly international profile since it has maintained since its inception several collaborations with European and American research groups.

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Miembros del grupo Principios matemáticos de la información y comunicaciones

Members of group Mathematical principles

Visor de contenido web (Global)



Pedro Crespo Bofill

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842811

View CV "View Pedro Crespo Bofill's CV".

Jesús Gutiérrez Gutiérrez

Full Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842807

View CV "View CV of Jesús Gutiérrez Gutiérrez".

Marta De Zárraga Rodríguez

Senior Lecturer


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842477

View CV "View Marta De Zárraga Rodríguez's CV".

Xabier Insausti Sarasola

Associate Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842867

See CV "View Xabier Insausti Sarasola's CV".

Adam Podhorski

Associate Professor


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842803

View CV "View Adam Podhorski's CV

Reza Dastbasteh



+34 943 219877 Extension: 842546

Josu Etxezarreta Martinez



+34 943 219877 Extension: 842584

Iñigo Barasoain Echepare

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842470

Antonio de Martí Olius

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842583

Santiago Díaz Riofrío

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842543

Javier Oliva del Moral

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842493

Olatz Sanz Larrarte

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842580

Bruno Sunsundegi Oiarzabal

PhD Student


+34 943 219877 Extension: 842565

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Últimos proyectos destacados

Latest highlighted projects

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titFew-qubit quantum hardware, algorithms and codes, on photonic and solid-state systems

Few-qubit quantum hardware, algorithms and codes, on photonic and solid-state systems

objetivos few


The mission of the project "Few-qubit quantum hardware, algorithms and codes, on photonic and solid-state systems" is twofold. First, it will develop a few-qubit noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) co-processor based on photonic or solid-state (Nitrogen-Vacancy center qubits) technologies with the aim of executing protected/mitigated quantum classification and optimization algorithms for anomaly detection.

Furthermore, leveraging on the project participants know-how and expertise, it is expected that the project will substantially advance fundamental science related to several branches of physics such as photonics, solid-state systems, quantum computing, quantum information theory or decoherence, among others.


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Funding few



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Multiverse Computing

Multiverse Computing



Center for Materials Physics



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