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department of Pharmacology and ToxicologyThe department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (School of Pharmacy and Nutrition) teaches in the Degrees of Pharmacy, Nutrition, Medicine, Science, Nursing and Psychology. It also teaches at postgraduate program in several master's degrees in Health Sciences. Its lecturers, with a wide experience professor and versatility, are highly motivated by the inclusion of innovative methods that facilitate integrated learning and the acquisition of competences for the professional world.

The leadership of the department in research is focused on three main areas. In the Pharmacologylaboratory , research is focused on the study of molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in Alzheimer's Disease and Major Depression, as well as on the search for new therapeutic targets. At laboratory Toxicology, the main lines of research focus on the development of new methods for the evaluation of genotoxicity that provide mechanistic information, on the study of mycotoxins as food contaminants and their implication in the appearance of diseases, as well as on the evaluation of the safety of nanoparticles as drug vehicles. The area of Humanities pharmaceuticals focuses its research on humanistic subjects that contribute to the integral development of the pharmacist and the pharmaceutical profession. Specifically, the lines of research focus on issues related to the ethics of biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry, deontology and pharmaceutical legislation, as well as gender issues and their implications for health.

The department pursues excellence in teaching and research. It is highly committed, with the highest standards of rigour and integrity, to the study of health problems from different fields. It promotes the development of independent scientific careers, and ensures the training of all its students at postgraduate program. Any student with an interest in obtaining information in one of these three areas is welcome.