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Office of Development

The Office of development works to obtain resources to finance strategic projects of the University and contributes its knowledge and experience in the management of these grants. The funds obtained make it possible to carry out a pioneeringresearch and hire staff researcher , contribute to providing scholarships for students and facilitate the development of the infrastructures necessary for the mission statement of the University. This guarantees the economic autonomy of the University and the long-term sustainability deadline of its activity professor and research.



Who are we?


María Pilar Ibiricu

Director of Operations

Office of Development


Javier Ortega

Director of Projects of development

Office of Development


The team of development

José Ramón Lacosta

development institutional

Office of Development


Ángeles Montuenga

development institutional

Office of Development

+ 948 42 56 00

Marta Lipuzcoa

Prospect research

Office of Development


Clara Elorz

manager of Marketing

Office of Development


Mercedes Ramentol


Office of Development


Mireia Carabantes

European Project Manager

Office of Development


Blanca Díaz Knorr


Office of Development


Veronica Garcia


Office of Development