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Testimonial AnaPAtiño Donations

"Your help is essential to keep science moving forward".

Ana Patiño | Researcher at CIMA University of Navarra

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Nested applications


Nested applications


Other ways to help

You can make a transfer to the following account, indicating in the concept the project with which you wish to collaborate, for example "Alumni Scholarships":
- IBAN ES11 0049 1821 0625 1064 5681
- Swift/BIC: BSCHESMM (for transfers from outside Spain)
- Holder: University of Navarra

If you want to deduct your donation, it is essential that you send us your data (name, National Identity Card and address) to the e-mail development or by telephone on 948 425 608.

Gifts from alumni and friends in the USA are welcomed by "Friends of the University of Navarra". Donations may be tax-deductible for US taxpayers.

There are two ways you can make a contribution:

1.- Deposit the money in a set up at JPMorgan Chase Bank.

Account owner: "Woodlawn Foundation Inc.
Name on the account: Friends of Navarre.
Bank Address: 270 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801
ABA: 021000021
Account Number: 257979580. 

2.- Checks can be made out to "Friends of the University of Navarra" and mailed to:

Woodlawn Foundation, Inc.
56 Harrison Street, Suite 401
New Rochelle, NY 10801-6560

Leave the University as a beneficiary in your will and thus promote projects in favour of society. More information .

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Nested applications

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Nested applications


Since its beginnings in 1952, the University of Navarra has relied on the support of companies and institutions to carry out its projects. These companies act as levers for the improvement of our society through the university's work. In this way, their collaboration becomes an important driving force for social change.

These partnerships make it possible to improve the lives of many people who, in turn, will contribute to making this place a more sustainable, more caring and more humane world. 


How can my business help?

Institutions can collaborate by sponsoring or establishing a collaboration agreement with specific research projects, scholarships, etc. The activity of the University of Navarra is an opportunity for the growth of Corporate Social Responsibility in companies.

Chairs are research, teaching or dissemination units attached to an academic centre of the University. They are fully or partially funded by a third party. It is common for companies to fund research projects related to their own activity.

A good way to involve your customers in your charitable cause is to organise events in which they can participate: races, auctions, concerts, charity days business, etc.

There are as many possibilities for collaboration with companies as there are companies: sale of solidarity products, solidarity rounding up, support in the dissemination of campaigns, etc.

enquiry here the tax benefits that your business receives by collaborating with the University of Navarra.