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The Creativity and Cultural Heritage research group promotes research aimed at investigating and disseminating information on a variety of aspects that pertain the historical and cultural legacy of Spain, Europe and Latin America. They explore cultural heritage through the use of methodologies from the disciplines such as musicology, literature history and art. Moreover, they seek creative ways to bring this legacy to society. In this sense, the digital humanities represent a meeting point for achieving this goal.




Julia Pavón

Principal Investigator

Office 1130

+34 948 425600 (802615)

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Loris de Nardi

Research fellow

Office 1290 (1st floor)

+34 948 425600 (805646)

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Anna Dulska

Research fellow

Office 1120

+34 948 425600 (805617)

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Albert Recasens

Research fellow

Office 1140

+34 948 425600 (805631)

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Adriana Gordejuela

Research fellow

1st floor, ICS

+34 948 425600

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Carlos Veci Lavín

Research fellow

1st floor, ICS

+34 948 425600

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Alessia Pessina

Project Manager


+34 948 425600 (803430)