The Center's research and development activities have resulted in development of products and services that have been marketed and are available to consumers:

development of a comprehensive and personalised weight control plan, based on the Diogenes Study (per diem expenses, Obesity and Genes), which offers results adapted to each person.

Integral nutritional and health service, with the maximum Degree of personalisation that allows to adapt the nutritional needs of each person to their genetic profile and, in this way, to be able to improve their diet and health with a completely personalised nutrition.

It is based on a Nutrigenetic Test developed by research center in Nutrition, whose results, with a rigorous scientific basis, inform Username of the susceptibility to develop or not certain health problems.

The studies carried out with the Nutrigenetic Test have been presented at national medical and pharmaceutical congresses.

AdelGENic / PrevenGENic / GlobalGENic
A test that analyses genetics, phenotypic characteristics and lifestyle habits, enabling the most favourable individualised nutritional treatment for weight loss and weight control to be prescribed.

Microbiota test for personalized obesity treatment

A human intestinal microbiota test has been developed from the metagenomic study (NGS sequencing) of a sample of approximately 500 people, of both sexes and a wide age range, which has made it possible to identify the characteristics of the microbiota most associated with the development of obesity, insulin resistance and other metabolic pathologies and to develop a test that offers information on the risk of pathologies as well as personalized nutritional committee .

This test has been transferred from research center in Nutrition of the University of Navarra to CINFA Laboratories, which markets it as the FloraGENic test.

NGS sequencing technology makes it possible to identify the genera and many of the bacterial species present in the stool sample of an individual and to know the profile of the intestinal microbiota staff, relating the presence and quantity of the various bacteria with possible health problems.

Along with the analysis of the microorganisms present in the microbiota, personal characteristics of the individual such as weight, sex, age, body mass index and possible food allergies or intolerances are also taken into account, as well as lifestyle habits or dietary subject .

All this information is collected by a professional pharmacist specialized in nutrition to indicate a personalized per diem expenses and to supplement it with probiotics to help combat possible imbalances in your microbiota.






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