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Concepción Naval Durán

Theory and Methods of Educational and Psychological Research
School Education and Psychology University of Navarra
Office of the Dean
School Education and Psychology University of Navarra
Lines of research
Art and Museum Education, innovation in education, Tecnologías de la Información y la speech - Educational Innovation, Information and Communication Technologies, Pedagogía universitaria - Higher Education, Building Universities Reputation - Reputación de las Universidades - Transferencia de knowledge, Education cívica y Education moral - Civic Education - Moral Education - Citizenhsip Education, Education y speech, Teoría de la Education - Theory of Education, Education del carácter - Character Education

My research has focused on two core concepts of Education: communication and sociability (in relation to citizenship). These have been the basis for other areas of research: ICT in the service of innovation in education at Education higher education and the educational dimension of art.
A. The first was communication: the educational virtuality of Aristotelian rhetoric and poetics, core topic to understand the communicative dimension of Education and rhetoric-poetics of teaching. It was topic of the doctoral thesis . Publications: Education, Rhetoric and Poetics (1992), teaching and communication (1995, 1996), two articles: Revista Española de Pedagogía (1998) and Revista Historia de la Education (1997). Two doctoral thesis directed in this line (1997 and 1999); one award extraordinary.
B. The communicative dimension of the Education opened the door to the study of human sociability and citizenship, the topic that I have attended with greater intensity in recent years. At the beginning of this line is the research carried out in the USA (1994-95): Educating Citizens. The liberal-communitarian polemic at Education (1995; 2000). This book had a great impact. Later was La Education cívica hoy (Naval, Laspalas, 2000, 2007). I inquired into the liberal-communitarian polemic and its consequences in the Education, especially in educational policy, theory of the Education and Education moral and civic. Other issues have arisen around them: human rights, learning to participate, especially in young people and through social media, the European dimension, family relations, the impact of ICT on social relations. Around this theme I initiated in 1997 and have maintained as PI a group of research, which is now a consolidated line of research , degree scroll "Education, citizenship and character". sample The leadership of this interdisciplinary and interuniversity group of research is evidenced by the projects carried out in these 15 years, thesis doctoral defended, publications in first level indexed journals, international contacts and collaborations maintained, as well as the project Civic Parliament initiated in 2010 funded by the Parliament of Navarra. I select projects from research directed since 1997: - 1997-1999: The Education for citizenship. Historical, philosophical, psychological, sociological and didactic foundations (MECD, PB-96-1227). - 2000-2002: Educating for social participation (Fundación Universitaria de Navarra). - 2001-2003: Youth, New Technologies and social relations, in two phases: 2001-2002, and 2002-2003 (high school Navarre Sports and Youth). - 2007-2010: A Education for communication and social service. Knowledge, attitudes and civic skills (research and development. MEC, SEJ 2007-63070) - 2010-2016: Civic Parliament (Parliament of Navarra). There have been 7 annual projects focused on technology as a factor of social exclusion and inclusion; European year of fight against poverty and social exclusion; social and political participation of young people. - 2016-2017: project of innovation in the system of teaching and learning in the framework of new technologies and the EHEA. knowledge and internship of Service-Learning (MECD,CEI15-02). -2016-2018: Researching and promoting Character Education in Latin America Secondary Schools (Templeton World Charity Foundation).