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Fernando Echarri Iribarren

Environmental Biology
School of Sciences University of Navarra
Lines of research
Education environmental, Education in museums

graduate in Biology from the University of Navarra in 1989, he holds a PhD in Environmental Education from the same University (2009). He has spent time at the University of Stockholm and South Methodist University in Dallas (USA) to learn different educational methodologies. manager He is the current director of area Educational Museum of the University of Navarra, as well as Adjunct Professor of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra since 2007. As a Professor he has collaborated in subjects such as Ecology, assessment of Environmental Impact, Applied Botany and in the Master's Degree of Biodiversity and Landscape and Master's Degree University of academic staff. He worked at the business Fundación Ilundáin, in charge of Education for adolescents in social exclusion and at Education environmental for schoolchildren during the period 1997-2014. Her areas of research focus mainly on Significant Life Experiences (SLE), both in natural settings, as part of the environmental Education and, more recently, in those that can be produced through art. He has participated in the projects Meaningful Learning and Education environmental. Didactic applications of the Museum of Natural Sciences of the University of Navarra, Fundación MAPFRE (2007-2008) and Education of affectivity and human sexuality, Institute for Culture and Society of the University of Navarra (2009-2011). He is an educator of society in general through numerous talks and conferences, and is the author of 7 books dedicated to Education. Special mention should be made of the publications:
Fernando Echarri and Jordi Puig i Baguer: Environmentally significant life experiences: the look of a wolf in the lives of Ernest T. Seton, Aldo Leopold and F élix Rodríguez de la source, in Environmental Education Research (2018) and by the same authors: Los mapas conceptuales como herramientas para la Education Ambiental en el museo, in Revista de Museología. association española de museólogos. Nº 48 (pp.21-29) in 2010, with Fernando Echarri coordinator of this issue. And, in relation to innovative methods as well as in reference letter for people who require special support, his authorship in: Las WebQuests como resource educational para un colectivo de jóvenes en exclusión social, in Comunicación y Pedagogía nº 237, 2009. Favourable evaluation of the activity professor from 2008 to 2014, according to the SGIC of the School of sciences of the University of Navarra C by the audit programme (nº ucr 25/09). advisor academic assessment of students of the "Official university master's degree in academic staff of compulsory secondary education and high school diplomavocational training and language teaching ". From the academic year 2010-2011 to the present, he has been directing the final projects of the "official university master's degree in academic staff for compulsory secondary education and high school diplomaand teaching of languages" of the University of Navarra. Accredited as Environmental Educator by the Spanish association Education Environmental . assessment positive of a six-year period of research (07.06.2019)