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Asunción de la Iglesia Chamarro
Public Law and Basic Legal Institutions
School of Law University of Navarra
Vice-Dean for Students and Office of Academic Affairs
School of Law University of Navarra
Director of classroom of Parliamentary Law
School of Law University of Navarra
Lines of research
Sources of law. Power rules and regulations of the Government, Autonomous State. Public Law of Navarre, The Parliamentary Monarchy. Régimen jurídico, notas y desafíos, Derechos, privacidad y nuevas tecnologías, Education política y democracia constitucional.

D. in Law (1996) from the University of Navarra: historical and critical research on the decree, its uses and abuses and formulation of a proposal for the incorporation of the presidential decree. She obtained the maximum grade. I am Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Navarra with 3 sexenios of research recognized by the CNEAI and I teach teaching in the Degree in Law, in the Double Degrees with Philosophy and International Office and also in Postgraduate in the Master's Degree in Human Rights. I participate in postgraduate courses in national and foreign universities and speaker in numerous national and international scientific congresses of the discipline. Among the books published I would highlight El gobierno por decreto (1998) and Desafíos de la monarquía parlamentaria (2019). Directed to the teaching or to the non-specialized public the books Instituciones Políticas en diez lecciones (1998) or guide electoral, nociones prácticas sobre partidos y elecciones (in 2nd ed. in co-authorship with Professor C. Vidal Prado). Also in co-authorship I have published El Defensor del Pueblo de Navarra (2004), which was published as a prestige book of the institution and which was the result of a project of research funded by the Parliament of Navarra; El committee Audiovisual de Navarra (2009), or Derechos y espacio público (2013). On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Constitution of Cadiz I coordinated the book Constitución de Cádiz y Parlamento (CEPC, 2014). I have been a member of the committee Científico de la Revista General de Constitutional Law (Iustel) as a chronicler of Autonomic Law for Navarra, administrative assistant of the Revista General de Constitutional Law (2021) and I am currently a member of committee publishing house of the Revista de Derecho Político de la UNED (since 2020, no. 1 FETYC). I have participated in numerous competitive research projects, most notably: Educating in democracy. Enseñar la constitución (ministerial research and development+I, dirs. Vidal Prado and J. García); Espacio público, derechos fundamentales y democracia en la sociedad multicultural (MCI, proy research and development), dir. B. Aláez Corral; Las posibilidades del Estado jurisdiccional Autonómico (MCI, project research and development, Dir. J.J. Solozábal); O la Prehistoria del Constitutional Law (MCI, research and development), Dir. A. Torres del Moral. External collaborator in project ATENEO: Democrazia e rappresentanza del pluralismo territoriale: quale ruolo per la seconda Camera in Italia. Reviewer of the main national journals of Constitutional Law and several international ones. I have made stays of research at the University degli Studi di Roma -La Sapienza- (1997) and at the University degli Studi di Torino (2012). I am a member of the group International of Torino, Director of the classroom of Parliamentary Law, board member of the committee Navarro of Equality of the Government of Navarra board member of the FEUN Foundation and administrative assistant of the board Rectora. From 2013 to 2022 I have been Vice-Dean of Students and Office of Academic Affairs of the School of Law of the University of Navarra and I have participated in the implementation team of Degree at International Office and in the stays at the Universities of Tongi (Shanghai, China) and Hebrew University (Jerusalem). (Israel). I am currently Vice-Dean of academic staff and Innovation at School of Law at the University of Navarra.