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Ana Carvajal Valcárcel

Nursing of the adult person
School of Nursing University of Navarra
Lines of research
Chronic processes and end-of-life care
Strategy 2025

Associate Professor Doctor. Diploma in Nursing from the University of Navarra (1993). Master's Degree in Nursing Science from the University of Glasgow (Scotland) (2000) and PhD in Nursing from the University of Sheffield, UK (2010). D. in Nursing from the University of Sheffield, UK (2010). Expert in cultural adaptation cultural adaptation and validation of evaluation instruments such as the Edmonton Symptom Symptom assessment instrument. evaluation Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS), the Oral Assessment Guide (OAGG), the Oral Assessment Guide (OAGG) and the Oral Assessment Guide (OAGG). "Oral Assessment Guide (OAG), the Patient Dignity Inventory (PDI), the Oral Assessment Guide (OAG), and the Patient Dignity Inventory (PDI). Dignity Inventory (PDI) and the Memorial Delirium Assessment Scale (MDAS). Scale (MDAS). Currently her research is focused on developing a training program for generalist nurses that will enable them to training for generalist nurses to enable them to provide person-centered care for the care focused on the person in the advanced and terminal phase of the disease. This project is being carried out at partnership with countries in Ireland, Scotland and Switzerland. He has participated in numerous research projects, some of them funded, and has collaborated in different projects. has collaborated in different multidisciplinary clinical research projects (physicians, psychologists and nurses) in oncology and palliative care, both nationally and internationally. international. She has made 100 scientific contributions to national and international congresses. international congresses. She has clinical experience in the field of Oncology and Palliative Care. 2 for more than 12 years. She is coordinator of group of research "Procesos crónicos, end-of-life care and family" and is part of the group of research "Palliative Care. Palliative Care. ATLANTES". She also belongs to the high school of research Sanitaria de Navarra (IdiSNA) within the area of hematology oncology (group Palliative Medicine). She has carried out postdoctoral stay in Ireland (University College of Dublin) for 6 months with a prestigious team in team researcher of prestige in Palliative Care. She currently teaches teaching in the Degree and postgraduate courses on Palliative Care and Advanced Chronic Processes in the School of Nursing at the University of Navarra. She is also coordinator of the program of doctorate of Nursing Science of the University of Navarra for the last 4 years. She has participated in 4 innovation projects professor. She has the degree scroll C1 in English (IELTS 7.5). She has directed 2 doctoral thesis , 16 master's theses and 20 final theses Degree. He has been member of the board of 10 doctoral thesis .