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Diego Maza Ozcoidi

Physics and Applied Mathematics
School of Sciences University of Navarra
Lines of research
Granular Media and subject Soft Media, Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex Fluids

For the last 25 years I have been making important efforts to develop and consolidate the experimental research experimental work in non-linear systems at the UNAV as well as in the Spanish S&T system. S&T system. Almost two decades ago, I started up the University's Granular Media laboratory , where important experiments are carried out. University, where a issue important number of experiments are carried out which, in addition to their basic interest, have potential industrial applications. their basic interest have potential industrial applications. This has allowed us to This fact has allowed us to interact with different companies (which have partly financed our results). The international aspects and training have always been a priority in my projects, I have hosted students and interacted with research and development+i units from all over the world, participating in +i networks. world, participating in training networks at both postgraduate and Degree level. I have carried out and continue to carry out a variety of management activities at both professor and levels, including university outreach work. researchincluding university extension work, collaborating with the National University of the Universidad Nacional de Education a Distancia where I work as Prof. Tutor and direct final projects . and directing final theses Degree. Recently I have combined my first experimental experiences related to instabilities in fluids related to instabilities in fluids with the acquired knowledge of granular dynamics in order to extend the scope of our dynamics to extend the scope of our laboratory to complex and non-Newtonian fluids.