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Juan Cianciardo Rocca
Public Law and Basic Legal Institutions
School of Law University of Navarra
Associate Dean from research and postgraduate program
School of Law University of Navarra
Lines of research
General theory of human rights (concept, catalog, foundation, interpretation, protection), analysis of some specific fundamental rights (life, privacy, property), study of the epistemological and moral conditions that allow the law to be intelligible.
Index H
12, (Google Scholar, 02/12/2022)

J. Cianciardo (Buenos Aires, 1971) is Argentinean and Spanish. After obtaining his law degree Degree he worked for a year at the Supreme Court of his native country. At the age of 24 he traveled to Spain where he began his law degree doctorate , which he completed three years later, in 1999. committee That same year he returned to Buenos Aires and joined the Austral University; some time later he joined the National Scientific Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), the main organization dedicated to the promotion of science and technology in Argentina. He joined this institution in the degree program of researcher as researcher Assistant and after successive accreditations he was promoted to researcher attachment and researcher Independent (equivalent to what in the Spanish system would be a Full Scientist of the CSIC). Cianciardo has developed his research activity mainly through continuous participation in 12 projects of research in competitive calls (1 international, 6 state, 5 non-public but competitive), being PI in 6 (1 international, 2 state, 3 non-public but competitive). Cianciardo has also been a member of the committee organizer of several congresses, conference, courses and academic events. Likewise, he has actively participated as an invited speaker in 59 national and international congresses, participation that in some cases has resulted in several publications. In relation to the educational activity developed, Cianciardo has directed 8 doctoral thesis . He is currently directing 5 more doctoral thesis and co-directing one. He has also directed 45 works of research end of master's degree, and has taught teaching continued in courses of doctorate, masters and postgraduate courses of different universities in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Cianciardo has been evaluator of numerous articles, books, researchers, projects, doctoral thesis , Schools and universities, both in Argentina and Spain as well as in other countries. He has also participated as consultant in the design of the strategic plans of university institutions in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Likewise, Cianciardo is part of the committee publishing house of 13 scientific journals dedicated to topics of his specialization program. In the field of university management , Cianciardo has been Vice President of Academic Affairs of the U. Austral of Argentina, Dean of the School of Law of that University, Secretary of the association Argentina of Philosophy of Law and Associate Dean of postgraduate program and innovation in education of the School of Law of the U. of Navarra. He is currently Associate Dean of research and postgraduate program of the School of Law of the University of Navarra and directs the Master's Degree in Human Rights of that University. In terms of scientific production, Cianciardo has published 35 articles in indexed journals, of which several are published in category A journals (according to Carhus Plus) and in the first quartile (according to IN-RECJ and IN-RECS), 16 monographs - six as author (of which two have an updated and expanded second edition and two have an edition in Portuguese), two as co-author, six as publisher or coordinator-, 29 book chapters and 22 articles in non-indexed journals with external assessment . Many of these publications have a large number of citations in issue and are obligatory references in the topics they address.