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Hildegart González Luis

Community and Maternal and Child Nursing
School of Nursing University of Navarra
Lines of research
The image of nursing in the media on speech and social media, Competencies of management and speech and online and offline of nurses.

My career is structured in 3 areas: communication, cooperation to development and health. My interest in research is based on the premise that communication is an element core topic that contributes to reshape society and improve the lives of citizens. My research analyzes the communication that entities maintain with their stakeholders in order to identify processes and institutional and social consequences of this interaction. 1st line of research studied how the Departments of non-governmental entities of development (ONGD) are structured and which were the communicative flows that they maintained with their IG, especially with the media. I published 1 monograph, 4 chapters, 3 articles (art.) and 3 papers in congresses. Thanks to the private-sector funding and public obtained, I maintained this line for more than 15 years, expanding its focus to: a) crises managed by NGOs (1 chapter); b) management communication with universities and companies (2 chapters and 1 discussion paper); c) management communication in regional NGOs (4 articles and 1 co-direction thesis ); d) opportunities to implement new communication technologies in NGOs (1 article). The 2nd line of research focuses on the study of the image published in the media and in social networks about nursing (4 articles, 3 discussion paper and 2 doctoral addresses thesis ); developing countries development (1 chapter and 1 discussion paper); immigration (1 article); and environmental problems (2 articles and 1 discussion paper). I place special emphasis on the information sources cited by journalists, and on the proactivity of the associative entities working on each area. I now focus my research on Nursing and Public Health. I lead an interdisciplinary project that analyzes whether COVID19 contributed in Spain and Chile to: a) Give greater media visibility to nurses, increasing their role as information sources; b) Disseminate an image of the profession in accordance with its real identity and functions in the 21st century; c) Find out whether nursing associations modified their communication strategies to make nursing's contribution to global health more visible. Thanks to the Fellowship in Health Policy and average that I obtained at the Center for Health Policy & average Engagement, George Washington University, I also investigate what are the offline and online communication skills that nurses need to influence public health policies. design a training plan that allows them to acquire them. I have participated in 12 projects of research, 6 of them funded in competitive calls (principal investigator in 5). The results obtained were disseminated in the publications already mentioned, being cited by programs of study later. My experience professor is wide: more than 2,700 h. in Degree and Master's Degree in 5 university Schools , 1 of them in Peru and 2 business schools. My teaching is qualified as SB because: 1. The subjects taught are related to my lines of research. 2. I have professional experience on what I teach for having been: editor of newspapers; director and consultant of Departments and communication agencies; General Manager of https://www.laasociacion.com 3. I keep learning: 18 trainings in the last years, 1 Master's Degree in Coaching and NLP and 1 expert in Digital Marketing. I am a reviewer for 10 academic journals. I coordinated 2 monographs for communication professionals.