Simulation Centre

This state-of-the-art, high-fidelity facility simulates real-life environments and situations from the work of nursing professionals, in order to minimise error on the internship of student. The CSE includes 3 multi-purpose classrooms, a hospital room, an ICU, a nursing enquiry and a debriefing classroom . The Centre has two types of simulators, task trainers and manikins. The latter include the Apollo, Athenea and Geri simulators.

These simulators are tools that we use to evaluate our students. At the end of the course, the ECOE is carried out; assessment global where different clinical cases are presented in which they must proceed in a limited time. At an international level, CSE participates in the Nursing Summer conference , where simulation scenarios are worked on with students from other international universities.

In addition, from 2019 the CSE will be used to give a subject to the students of Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing and to work on each of their competences together and in a cross-cutting manner.