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Due to the declaration of a State of Emergency by the Government and the fact that the health authorities and the WHO have considered the existence of a pandemic, we would like to inform you that in this status, the insurance coverage says:

"Any sports accident is considered negligence and is not covered by sports insurance".

Therefore, in order to avoid possible problems, we recommend to avoid any mountain activity. From now until new notice we suspend any activity organised by the Mountain Club.


Federation Insurance and card

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Navarre Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing Sports

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Spanish Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing Sports

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All participants in the outings and courses organised directly by the Mountain Club will be covered by an insurance policy that covers possible accidents that may occur on the development of the same.

Each of the participants is manager to provide real personal data to process these insurances.

The students of licentiate degree will be covered by the School Insurance; the rest of the students, teachers, employees, alumni and friends, by a private insurance contracted specifically for each activity; the holders of the federative licence of the current year, by the insurance of the Federation itself.

The coverage of this insurance varies in each case. At Sports Service there is an information sheet available to anyone who wishes to receive it, detailing the coverage in each case.

All those interested in obtaining the federative licence for the current year can do so through the Mountain Club.

The card membership card is a document staff and is non-transferable and gives mountaineers a series of advantages: insurance tailored to the activities to be carried out, mountain rescue and rescue, participation in courses and activities organised by the Mountain Federation, discounts in refuges and receipt of the Pyrenaica magazine.

To apply for the apply for the licence of the mountain federation, do your registration here.