Erasmus+: mobility for students and staff of Education higher education

Programme description

Students with fewer opportunities who participate in the Erasmus programme have an additional financial aid, provided that they are in one of the following situations:

a) Having been a beneficiary of a scholarshipof programs of studyof general character the General Administration of the State to carry out programs of studyuniversity(see more).
b) Have the status of refugee or with the right to subsidiary protection (see more).
c) To have a legally recognised and qualified disability at Degreeequal to or greater than 33%.

You can find more information on the Erasmus in Spain National Agency (SEPIE) inclusion website.

This programme also includes grants for stafffrom EducationHigher participating in the Erasmus programme from teachingor training. For more information, please contact


REQUEST YOUR scholarship:

1. Choose your destination with the University of Navarra's own School.
2. Fill in the formof mobility and attach the certificateof disability in the same form.
3. The International OfficeService will contact contactwith studentto confirm and sign the document.
4. deadlineof presentationof applications: Before starting the mobilityand always before 10 April 2022 (For mobilities of 2021/22).
For any questions you can contact:

The formof application must be accompanied by a copy of the certificateof disability issued by the relevant authority and the supporting documentation of the expenses incurred or foreseen by the participant.